Bob Marley 

The Shooting...

Two days before Bob Marley was supposed to perform at the “Smile Jamaica” concert something devastating happened that he would never forget. On December 3, 1976 seven gunmen entered Bob’s home in Kingston and attempted to assassinate him. In the gunfire Bob Marley, his wife, Rita, and members of The Wailers were injured but all survived. A bullet grazed Bob’s chest and went through his arm, while the group’s manager, Don Taylor was hurt the worst taking the majority of the bullets intended to hit Bob Marley. Don Taylor took four bullets in his thighs and was placed on the critical list and was flown to a hospital in Miami. Rita Marley tried to escape by car with her five children but was struck in the head with a bullet. After going the hospital the bullet was successfully removed and she was released the next day. Also released the next day was Bob Marley, who went into hiding in the Blue Mountains after finding out the gunmen escape during the police chase. With police protection Bob still managed to perform in his concert on the scheduled date. At the end of his performance Bob Marley wasn’t afraid to show the crowd his wounds and show the crowd his positive attitude.
Dec 3, 1976 Picture