Bob Marley 

"...Makes You Wanna Move, Your Dancing Feet"

“Football is a whole skill to itself. A whole world. A whole universe to itself. Me love it because you have to be skilful to play it! Freedom! Football is freedom.”

People know Bob Marley for his music but one thing they may not know about him was his love for football or what we Americans call soccer. Whether it be on tour, backstage of a concert, or just hanging out in Jamaica, Bob Marley always had a guitar and a soccer ball close by. His favorite team was Brazil Santos FC and his favorite player was Pele because he said he could play all positions just like Pele.  Unfortunately one of his favorite pass times was part of the cause of his death. Due to a toe injury while playing soccer he developed cancer. He could have amputated his toe and possible still been alive today but he believed in keeping the body whole as part of his religion.

“I love music before I love football. If I love football first, maybe that a bit dangerous, because the football very violent. If a man tackle you hard, it brings feelings o’ war!”