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Bob Marley was born February 6, 1945 and since then he has accomplished remarkable things even passed his death in 1981. Marley was the first Reggae artist to receive a worldwide audience. His father travelled a lot which meant he was not present in quite a bit of Marley’s life, but when his father died Marley and his mother were forced to move and this is when he became active in making music (NNBD). Marley started out his career as a trio until in 1962 he recorded his first two singles. In 1963 the Wailer’s were born. Marley’s career started off slow but eventually took off to become a Reggae superstar. Marley went on an 18 month exile in London where he recorded his albums “Exodus” and “Kaya” which both big hits in the UK (NNBD).  Little did Marley know then, but his album “Exodus” became one of his biggest achievements even after his death. Towards the end of the 1970’s Marley’s song “Jammin” became his first British top 10 hit (NNBD).  In 1978 Marley returned to his home in Jamaica to participate in the “One Love Peace Concert” which was organized to encourage the end of violence between the country’s two principal political parties; later after that he was invited to New York to receive the Medal of Peace in recognition of his efforts. Marley continued to travel the world putting on different concerts and fighting for everything he believed was right. While his popularity was climbing in the UK it was harder for him to reach the top in the United States until much later in his career. When he would be in the top 10 in the UK Marley would still stand at number 70 in the United States. Marley took the opportunity to go on a European tour that was launched in the second half of the year and after followed a tour in the US. Marley had collapsed while jogging in Madison Square Garden during his US tour which eventually brought him to the end of his life. Even though Marley’s life was coming to an end his music was to live on forever.