Bob Marley 

A Musician, A Father, A Leader...

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Influential leaders from around the world have had a great impact on the lives of people from different places around the world. Inspiration comes from someone who changes lives, makes a footprint and even someone who understands. The struggles of life not only in Jamaica but all over the world people idolized the music and preaches of Bob Marley. He was a man with great insight and beliefs. Strong can be physical, but Bob Marley strived in being emotionally and spiritually strong. The Rastafarian religion was what he believed in most and it has impacted him and the people who have followed. Bob Marley was a leader not only in the world of music, but a leader of faith and tells the story of the hardship.When Marley speaks you feel a sense of peace, and through his life, religion, music and achievements you can truly explore his purpose for what he believes to be his reason for footprints on this earth. “One good thing about music, when it hits- you feel no pain” his words were so expressive and clear that you could feel the power behind all of his thoughts, he reminded us that there is a reason for everything and that being true to yourself is the only way to live.The peaceful calm impression that we have absorbed from Bob Marley have influenced the world with his spiritual words and uplifting music.