Bob Marley 

One Love

One Love 1
Bob Marley lived to be nearly 36 years old before dying in Miami in 1981, but before he did Bono, the lead singer of U2, received the opportunity to induct him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Farly). When Bono was inducting him he said “he wanted everything at the same time and was everything at the same time: prophet, soul rebel, Rastaman, herbsman, wild man, a natural mystic man, ladies man, island man, family man, Rita’s man, soccer man, showman, shaman, human, Jamaican” (Farly). Even though Marley has accomplished many, many things in his lifetime there was a time when it was not so easy for him. In 1966 Marley almost quit music because of a sting by the Jamaican music industry.  Marley was not able to get across to various cultures but he never gave up until he was the first Reggae artist to go worldwide. Bob’s music was inspired by real people and when people would not open up or listen to his radical music he was determined to continue spreading what he believed until people began to listen. Marley is known for being inspiring and he has never given up. To this day people still know who Bob Marley is, and they have heard his songs. If that is not an extreme accomplishment then I do not know what is. In much of today’s popular music, romance is dying, politics is fatal, and God is dead. Marley would not stand for this and he covered it all in his music. He sang about political, the sexual, and the spiritual. After Marley’s death in 1981 he continued to live on. His music is still being played and he had received many awards that will keep his name living on.  Bob Marley was once shut out by many African-Americans and he was not accepted by whites, but he is now embraced by many cultures, fans, and names. Bob Marley is best summarized by the title of what is among his most singular song: One Love (Farly).