Bob Marley 

"Rastafari not a culture, it's a reality..."

Bob Marley & the Rastafari Movement

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Reggae music was developed with one main key ingredient, the rastafari religion. The success of Bob Marley's music opened many doors for the followers of this new musician back in 1966. Many people believed his visions so strongly that he almost instantly became a great preacher and teacher of this religion. The Rastafari religion arose based from the Christian culture and started in Jamaica it only became a recognized religion in the 1930s. Bob Marley's music was a story told about the socially deprived areas of Jamaica and showing the world what life was like, but how he still could make it through the day with the help of Jah (Rastafari term for "The Lord"). Being that eating meat is against the Rastafari movement Marley excluded meat from his diet and became a vegetarian, because of this we could see that he took this religion to heart and truly lead the people of Jamaica, and all over the world, into a new faith of hope. As one of the great communicators in history Bob Marley sought to find his path to righteousness and the evolution of his music was the help he need to make his message clear to the people of the world. Marley clearly stated what his beliefs were, "Jah appeared to me in a vision so sweet: it's me brother, me father, me mother, me creator, everything." and with messages like this his faith was being explained to the people of the world, and they enjoyed it.